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Born in Sweden - near a lake, in the middle of the forests - Fred Alpi successively lived in Amiens, Brussels, Berlin and Paris, before settling for a couple of years in Järvsö, in Hälsingland, by the lake and in the forest that he loves so much.

Musically and philosophically grown in the European alternative scenes, whether post-punk or the Berlin industrial scene, he has played on stages in Europe and North America for several decades. In Paris, he also sang French Classics in the subway, and wrote after this his first novel “Five Years of Metro”, published in 2018 by Libertalia.

His first solo album, “Ici et Maintenant”, was released in 2000.
Followed by “Les chiens mangent les chiens”, in 2003, “Se reposer ou être libre”, in 2007 then “J'y croyais pas” in 2011.

Kung Fu and Qi Gong teacher, curious by nature, Fred Alpi has also initiated other projects, for example as singer and guitarist of The Angry Cats, a Power Trio which combines Rockabilly and Stoner Rock.
The group released its first 4-track EP, “The Angry Cats”, in November 2012, a second, “Rock’n’Riot In Town”, in 2014, then “Outmonster the Monster” in 2016.
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Participating for more than ten years in the fanzines Barricata, then À Bloc!, he is also a translator for Libertalia editions, notably of two works by the North American historian Marcus Rediker, “Pirates de tous les pays” (Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea) (2008) and “Les forçats de la mer” (Villains of All Nations) (2010), dedicated to the history of pirates and sailors, other citizens of the world.

Fred Alpi, traveling singer, is currently working on his new album, in English, still exploring new musical forms.
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Spotify, Apple Music,
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